Who we are?

We are TripStones that already Tired of sitting on your ass at home and we finally want to experience some adventure. Although we are very different from your people, we have experienced dinosaurs, mammoths, climate change, so we are very similar in many ways. We too have our dreams, desires and desire to discover the world. For millions of years, we imagined what it looked like somewhere else, until one day a common stone named Karel showed us how. He was able to address a human cub named Alice, who painted his face and sent him into the world.

Karel thus became a great role model for us and we understood that anyone can travel, regardless of your color, age, origin , or if you are hard as granite or soft as sandstone. All you have to do is address an animal of the human species (it can better listen to young) and whisper its idea of ​​a trip and it can begin.

If you want to help us realize our dream, then just go to nature, listen and pay attention. to look around. And when you hear a stone speak to you, listen to his wishes, paint his face, register him on this site, describe his travel dream and send him into the world. Then you can just follow his path and keep his fingers crossed.