How to stone properly

Stoning has changed significantly since the Middle Ages, and stones are no longer thrown at anyone, but are placed in a visible place, or passed from hand to hand. Places such as a school bench, bus / train stops, a Geocaching box, or where more people meet are ideal for laying a stone. On the contrary, it is inappropriate to place the stone where it can cause damage (in the lawn, on a historical monument), or where there is a risk of damage to the stone, for example, from peeing dogs.

If you were lucky enough to find a stone, then on its back page is a unique code, which after entering the search in the upper right corner of this page will allow you to add information where you found it and possibly a photo of it. Without this code, it is not possible to add a comment, so if you want to add a comment after placing the stone, you need to remember this code or write it down.