How to paint stones

If you would like to send your own stone to the world, then you need to choose a stone. Pebbles are ideal, which can usually be bought in building materials, hobby markets, or you may be lying somewhere near the house in the gutter sidewalk. When choosing it, you decide according to its shape what you will paint on it. Each stone is original, it can remind you of a house, an orc, a ladybug, a cloud, or anything else. It doesn't matter if you paint like Leonardo, or you are five years old and you are just learning to paint, each stone is beautiful in its own way and maybe your "failed" will travel the most.

You can paint the stone first. after drying start painting. Acrylic paints or acrylic markers are ideal for painting. Once you have the stone ready, you need to register it and then a unique code is generated, which together with the address write on the back of the stone. Then just paint with a varnish, ideally a colorless acrylic spray, and you can send the stone on a trip.